Our company

Private individuals for producing and exporting wooden home accessories to Hungarian and European markets established Színfolt KFT in 1991. In last 2 decades, our business policy was influenced by many changes, and we have learned and experienced a lot. First, the most important target of ours is to know the customer needs and to improve the quality everyday. Certainly, we see that long-term business relationship is based on responsibility.

In 1990’s we focused on Hungarian market, but now the first export market is EU. In local market, we prefer online sales channel. Therefore, private customers can buy all goods showed in online shop also. Goods are showed in catalogue can be bought in wholesaler volume only. I ask all visitors being interested in catalogue products to send us an inquiry.

EU customers of ours are mainly English, French, German department stores, mail order companies, wholesalers and online shops. Currently we do try to entry Japanese market.

The main product lines made of Hungarian native wood (beech, oak first of all) are:

  • Tables and benches
  • Small furniture to kitchen and bathroom (cabinets, bath mats, towel racks)
  •  Wine accessories (wine racks and tables)

Style of products is generally modern. We like combinating the wood with other natural material, like metal, glass, hemp etc.

We have many own designs, but we appreciate to fulfil customized products as well. (Unfortunately, we cannot produce 1 piece from any design.)

Current catalogue was launched in 2011, and this can be seen in website. We hope all visitors can find interesting product here. If you need trade volume from any item, we strongly ask you to send us an inquiry.