Delivery terms

You can buy products from us as follows:

Retailer volume from our online shop. You can receive orders from our contracted partner, DPD Courier Service. For information you can see DPD freight cost to different European countries.

– Certainly it is possible to receive the orders personally at our company in Budapest. Budafoki út 183. Also we are ready to give out orders to customers’ forwarders.

Prices: Hungarian VAT is included in online shop prices. Hungarian VAT is 27% now. If customer wants to buy to EU companies having EU VAT number out of Hungary, we can deliver the order without VAT.  All prices are in Hungarian Forint (HUF). The transport cost strongly depends on volume and weight, so below prices are for information only. These costs do not have any Customs fee or other costs what may arise in Customs process.


1.Zone: Austria, Slowakia; 2.Zone:Germany; 3.Zone: Czech, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy, Romania, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia; 4.Zone: England, Danemark, Bulgarien, France, Poland, Slowenie; 5. Zone: Estland, Lettland, Litauen, Spain, Sweden, Croatia; 6. Zone: Finnland, Greece (ohne Inseln), Portugal

up to 5 kg    up to10 kg   up to 15 kg   up to 20 kg   up to 25 kg   up to31,5 kg

1.Zone          10,61          10,98          11,42           12,10          12,88          13,66

2.Zone          12,66          13,10          13,44           14,22           14,90          15,68

3.Zone          14,34          14,78          15,46           16,24           17,02          17,70

4.Zone          16,46          17,14          17,92          19,04            20,16          21,28

5.Zone           20,50          21,28          22,40          23,52           24,64           25,76

6.Zone           25,76          26,88          28,00           29,12          30,58           31,70


Wholesaler prices: we ask you to send us an inquiry for wholesaler price and terms:

Important: in our online shop we offer the products in more sizes and in different colours.

The prices on images are valid foor natural colours and for that size which is in picture. if you need other size or colour, please, type it into remark gap before clicking submit.