PEUGEOT – La Clef du Vin


15 cm (glass), 18.5 cm (bottle)



4 990 Ft7 990 Ft


Peugeot – La Clef du Vin

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Peugeot – La Clef du Vin. Adjust the wine to your taste. 

The Clef du Vin enables you to instantly reveal the qualities of a wine. It works effectively on all types of wine: white, sparkling, rosé, red and naturally sweet wines. With the Clef du Vin, you can: • Adjust the balance of a wine to your personal taste, and enjoy it straight away. • Accurately gauge how your wines will develop so that you can manage your wine cellar efficiently.


THE PEUGEOT SIGNATURE The Peugeot adventure started in the 19th century with a flurry of ingenious code-setting creations and to this day, Peugeot coffee and pepper mills set the standards for gourmets and great chefs alike. Over the course of two centuries, Peugeot has opened up its business to the world, constantly revisiting its products that eloquently attest to its flair. Since 1850, the lion has epitomized the quality of Peugeot products… the strength of their teeth, the flexibility of their blades and fast cutting capacity. Now, the brand has taken its pursuit of blending excellence with pleasure further to claim ground in the spices and wine universes with its distinctive Lion hallmark styling that combines the best of design and technology.


La Clef du Vin

PEUGEOT – La Clef du Vin

4 990 Ft7 990 Ft

Peugeot – La Clef du Vin

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